Once A Gardener, Always A Gardener: Creating The Perfect Gift Basket For Disabled Gardeners

Posted on: 10 March 2017

One of the most difficult issues for those who love gardening is not being able to participate in the hobby they love due to health issues or physical limits caused by the aging process. Giving up the hobby they once enjoyed can be devastating and often leads to discouragement.

If you know a former gardener who has become disabled, why not brighten their day by creating a garden-themed gift basket to show them you care? With a little creativity, you can design a one-of-a-kind gift that will thrill any gardener.

Start with a garden-themed container

Shop for unique gift baskets at online boutiques to find the best selection. Baskets adorned with flowers, birds, butterflies, or vines are good choices.

You may also use a unique flower pot in the recipient's favorite color. Avoid ceramic pots, which may be too heavy for the disabled or elderly. Plastic pots are available in a range of colors and make nice lightweight containers for holding your items.

Grab some gardening magazines or books

Many gardening magazines are filled with colorful photos of lush gardens, flowers, and plants. Select a few to add to your gift basket. Don't forget to purchase a subscription for the magazines so your recipient can enjoy receiving them in the mail throughout the year.

A gardening devotional book with daily readings is a nice addition and will keep your gardener inspired all year long. A garden-themed bookmark makes a nice addition to the book.

Don't forget the birds

Choose a novelty birdhouse to add to your basket. After you deliver the gift basket, offer to hang the birdhouse near a window where the recipient can enjoy watching the birds each day.

Bird feeders are also good options. Choose a hummingbird feeder for the summer months and a regular tube feeder for the winter months. Again, offer to hang the feeders for your loved one, and don't forget to drop by to fill the feeder on a regular basis if necessary. Larger feeders may work best, as they won't need to be filled as frequently.

If your loved one can maintain the feeders themselves, you may want to purchase a bag of birdseed and separate the birdseed into individual plastic baggies to make filling the feeder easier for them. No heavy lifting required.

Give them an indoor garden

Small plastic pots, a small bag of potting soil, miniature gardening tools, and seed packets are perfect for starting an indoor garden. Select a small wooden or plastic tray to keep the pots organized and in one spot.

Visit your local garden store and ask which varieties of flowers and indoor plants will work best for your location. Help your recipient plant the miniature garden if needed. Purchase a small watering can to make caring for the garden easy.

Once a gardener, always a gardener is true for most of those who love the hobby. A garden-themed gift basket is a thoughtful and loving gift that will keep your loved one inspired all year long, regardless of their physical limitations.