3 Simple Solutions For Choosing A Great Rug For Your Formal Dining Room

Posted on: 17 August 2017

Considering that a formal dining room is an appealing space for some buyers, ensuring this space is functional and attractive is smart. Of course, your formal dining room will also benefit your own family, allowing you a more elegant space to dine and entertain. If you are in the process of updating your dining room, choose an area rug that suits your personality and style while adding some warmth to the space. Here are a few simple solutions to help you choose a rug for your formal dining room.


If possible, choose the area rug before choosing any furniture and accessories. Building the room around the colors and patterns of the area rug will allow you to design your space in a more efficient and personable manner.

If you already have your furniture, do not stress over the color and pattern of your rug. If you have modern furniture, consider a rug in a bold color or pattern. If your furniture and décor is more traditional, opt for a simpler rug. Choosing a look that is opposite of the main elements in the room will help you balance out your décor.


The size of your rug does not matter too much in most rooms of your house. However, the size does matter when it comes to the rug in your formal dining room. When sitting at and getting up from the table, you do not want the chairs to snag the area rug, so the rug must be sized according to the table and chair sizes.

To choose the right size rug for your space, pull the chairs out from under the table. Use your tape measure to measure the perimeter around the table and pulled-out chairs.

You should also take into consideration whether your dining table uses a leaf extension. Most homeowners will use measurements without the table leaf, since the extension may only be necessary once or twice during the year. If you plan on using the extension regularly, be sure to take measurements of your table and chairs when the leaf is in place.

You can also base your rug size on the number of seats your table provides. For example, a dining table that offers 6 chairs should have an 8x10 rug size. A table that seats 10 should have a much larger rug, such as a 10x14 minimum size.

Adding to your formal dining room is not only beneficial to its look, but it can also help protect your underlying floors. With these tips, you will be able to choose a rug in the right style and size to complement this formal space. For additional advice, contact an interior designer at a company like Raquel Garcia Design.