Visit A Custom Framer After You'Ve Been To A Comic Convention

Posted on: 16 September 2020

If you love comics, there are few things more exciting than attending a comic convention. While the itineraries of these events can vary, they generally feature opportunities to meet with various celebrities — often, actors who have appeared in the film adaptations of comic books, famous comic book writers and illustrators, and more. Upon spending part of a day at this type of event, you'll end up with a large selection of items that you may wish to display in your home. Find a local custom picture framing professional, visit his or her studio, and discuss some framing ideas. Here are some things to think about.

Items To Frame

It's important to give your custom framer an idea of all of the items that you want framed. This will dictate the size of frame that is necessary, as well as the layout that will make the items look their best. If you met one or more celebrities at the comic convention, you'll likely have pictures of you with them. You may also have various autographed items, including promotional photos, comics, or even the convention program. Other items to consider include your tickets to the convention, the event wristband that you wore, and other similar items.

Type Of Frame

You'll enjoy discussing the various frame options with your framing professional. He or she may place all of your soon-to-be framed items out on a table to assess their overall appearance. Sometimes, one particular color will be present in each of the items. This may compel the framer to suggest some frames of this color or of a complementary color. For example, if silver is present in a lot of the items — perhaps because the comics and their related materials have a theme of outer space — your framer may recommend a silver frame that pairs well.

Easy Access

When you get items framed, you often need to remove the back of the frame to have access to the items. While it's true that you generally won't need this type of access, you might wish to have easy access with your comic convention items. For example, if you've received some autographs on a picture or a particular comic book that you'll be getting framed, you might like the idea of taking the book to a future convention for more autographs. In this scenario, your framing professional may hinge the front of the frame to allow you to open it and retrieve the book with ease.