Upgrading Your Kitchen With Quartzite Countertops

Posted on: 17 August 2021

Choosing to upgrade the countertops in your kitchen can be a project that may provide you with a more attractive and functional kitchen space. New countertops can be an upgrade that is worth pursuing, but it is important to correct some of the assumptions that you may have made about common countertop materials, including quartzite.

Myth: Quartzite And Quartz Countertops Are The Same

Due to the similarities in the name, it is easy for a homeowner to assume that quartz countertops and quartzite countertops are the same. However, these are different stones that will have their own unique attributes. For example, quartzite is often a darker color than quartz, and this can be a major factor for those that are wanting to coordinate the color of their countertops with the rest of the room. Furthermore, the darker color of quartzite countertops can make it easier to keep clean and may also mask some minor discolorations more easily.

Myth: Quartzite Will Be Easily Damaged

Quartzite is a very hard stone, which can be extremely durable in kitchen settings where it can experience intense usage. In fact, quartzite countertops will have strength and durability that will rival marble, but they are generally more affordable and less prone to suffering heat damage or scratches. While these countertops are extremely durable, it is still ill-advisable to use the countertop itself as a cutting surface. Rather, you should always use a carving board. This will prevent the sharp blade of the knife from being able to scratch and scuff the stone of your countertop.

Myth: Installing New Stone Countertops Is An Easy Project For Homeowners

It may seem as though installing a new countertop will be a simple task of just placing the stone slab on top of the counter. However, it is important to appreciate the extreme weight of these slabs. In fact, large slabs may easily weigh a couple of hundred pounds. This heavy weight means it may be easier to drop the countertop during installation, potentially causing it to break or crack. The countertop will also have to be effectively anchored in place. Otherwise, it could shift position over time, which could lead to stability issues. As a result of the difficulties of completing this work and the potential consequences of mistakes, having a countertop contractor handle this installation or upgrade is the most efficient way of improving your kitchen. To learn more about quartzite countertops, contact a supplier.